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Patient Stories

Our patients are the brilliant advocates for the success of Rezum. Here are their stories on their journey from diagnosis to treatment and how it has changed their life.

So glad I did my research and found Rezum

Name: Mr P, Gloucestershire

Following the Rezum procedure, I would like to express my sincere thanks for the truly excellent service I received under your care and that of your great team.I was particularly grateful for the time and courtesy extended to me during the consultation and at our pre-op meeting when you were at great pains to explain every aspect of this procedure.

When I initially came to see you I have to admit I was terrified at the prospect of a TURP given my age and the possible numerous risks and the lengthy recovery time. I am so glad that I did my research and the fact that you agreed to see me so quickly and fit my procedure into your busy schedule. Your reassurance that I made the right choice was very much appreciated.

I am recovering well with no pain, no doubt due to your skill and professionalism. I look forward to the day when I am catheter free which can’t come soon enough. Thanks once again

Never Felt Better!

Name: Mr O, Surrey

Name: Mr P, Northumberland

I am a 71 year old man and I live on the Cumbria/Northumberland border. I first noticed I was getting up more during the night to go to the toilet in my early sixties. This issue grew steadily worse, up to four times a night.

I initially went to see my GP who referred me to a Urologist where I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate and the consultant recommended that I have an operation, TURP. When I was told the details of the procedure and that it would be very painful with a fairly lengthy recovery time, and a 20% chance that I would lose my libido, I felt very uneasy about this and so I began researching alternative treatments. I found information on cage method, staples & laser treatments. Then I came across an article in The Daily Mail about a new method using a blast of steam. This method really appealed to me as it was much less invasive, the recovery times were much quicker and there was a less than 0.2% chance of libido loss.

I made an appointment and travelled down to see Mr Hindley. I found Mr Hindley very informative and although this procedure is really common in the U.S he was the only Urologist performing it in the UK. Mr Hindley fully explained to me the whole procedure. The treatment was quicker and much less invasive to alternatives and more importantly, the recovery was speedier meaning I could get back to my game of golf within a few weeks!

I booked in and made the journey again. The treatment went very well, I had no discomfort but did have a catheter fitted so had to stay in Basingstoke for a few days until it was removed. After that I felt fine and experience no pain or discomfort.

A few weeks later I met Mr Hindley again whereby upon examination, he measured my flow and he gave me a clean bill of health.

I have experienced a vast improvement in my circumstances. I only get up once or twice in the night now, I can go a full round of golf for 4.5 hours without needing the loo and my sex life is normal.

Overall I would highly recommend this option for enlarged prostate and I do hope it is made available on the NHS and in particular at local hospitals around the country.

Name: Mr G, Hampshire

I was referred to Richard Hindley by my doctor in 2010 as a result of an elevated PSA and enlarged prostate

At this time I was prescribed Finasteride with my PSA to be regularly monitored. For the next few years my PSA stayed at an acceptable level but over the last two years it has increased

The result has been getting up 3 – 7 times each night and I never really felt that I was able to empty my bladder. During the day when I felt the need urinate I had to find a toilet very quickly.

With the problem becoming a 24 hour a day issue my quality of life was a serious issue and something had to be done

I met with Richard at The Hampshire Clinic in May 2018 for a routine review and with my symptoms getting worse he mentioned the Rezum treatment.  I was immediately interested and agreed to schedule the procedure as it’s a non-invasive a straight forward procedure with a very near 100% success rate

I decided to have a general anaesthetic, everything went smoothly and I was home the same day with a catheter that I had in for 4 days. Richard said I had 6 jets of steam during the procedure.

Within three weeks I was starting to see a benefit, getting up in the night dropped to twice a night and then down to once a night and sometimes not needing to get up at all and the feeling of urgency totally gone as well as no longer taking Finasteride

My quality of life is significantly improved and I only wish Rezum had been available 5 years ago as I would have been less sleep deprived and generally much happier. However as they say better late than never

My thanks to Richard Hindley and his amazing team.

Name: Mr A, Hampshire

I knew something was wrong with the waterworks, and naturally feared the worst. Initial tests suggested that it was BPH rather than anything more serious. However until, under the care of Richard Hindley, this was confirmed by an MRI scan, it was a tense period. Mr Hindley had talked about Rezum, but because it was still early days he had, quite properly, not pushed this treatment too hard and in fact, when the diagnosis was clear, initially suggested green laser. On reflection this may have been because I had a significantly enlarged prostate.

I was intrigued by Rezum and had taken the time to research as well as I was able. It was clearly a new treatment, but the results appeared to be excellent. I am by nature willing to take informed risks and this seemed to be a good one but I wanted to talk through all the options. The honesty and openness of Mr Hindley and Anita Purver was most refreshing. I felt very safe in their hands and decided to go with Rezum.

The operation went smoothly and effectively painlessly. I learned that 13 steam jets had been administered. That was quite a lot! I have to say that the period with the catheter was not fun, and in fact I was sufficiently troubled on Christmas day (don’t have the operation just before Christmas!) that I called Anita for help. She was utterly amazing and met me that afternoon to flush out the system and restore a level of comfort. Talk about going above and beyond!

But once the dreaded catheter was out, an experience I can only describe as pure bliss, the healing process commenced and the body started to flush out the treated tissue. For me it took longer than expected, around six months before the system was completely clear and stable. But the positive side is that for almost all of that time my waterworks appear to have reverted to something more akin to that of an 18 year old.  Today at 70, I can honestly say my flow rate has never been better. Control is excellent (four or five hours during the day is not unusual) and getting up in the night is now entirely voluntary (only necessary if I consume a lot of liquid before bed), and I have encountered no negative side effects.

Many thanks to an impressive team who clearly know their stuff, operate with honesty, listened to my random thoughts and questions and fully included me in the decision process, and most importantly did an excellent job. It’s been a privilege to be treated by you.

Name: Mr W, Devon

For many years, since the early 1990’s I had terrible urgency problems whereby the desire to urinate suddenly happened and I just had to find anywhere suitable to go, being as discrete as I could if in a busy place.

More recently since 2010 I have been getting up 2 – 5 times each night, and never really felt that I was able to empty my bladder.

I was recommended to have a TURP but fortunately I read about the REZUM treatment offered at North Hampshire Hospital and was please to be offered the procedure.

Since then, I am only getting up once a night now, and sometimes going right through and the feelings of urgency have gone completely. I am able to stop taking Finasteride as well.

So overall, an amazing treatment done quickly and efficiently and my thanks to Richard Hindley and his amazing team.

Name: Mr R, Hampshire

By the time I saw Richard Hindley at The Hampshire Clinic in March 2018, I was already 3 years down the road with an enlarged prostate.

The Dr’s surgery that I had been with for so many years dismissed my problems as medication related and I believed them.. they were Doctors afterall. When I visited a new doctor, I raised my concerns as we were due to go on a Norwegian cruise, with the possibility of bunk beds…no joke.

Fortunately my new doctor examined me and said quite bluntly “enlarged prostate”.

I had remembered reading about Rezum treatment in the Mail on Sunday 6 months previously and thinking at the time that I needs be I would have this treatment because of the fact that it was uninvasive and seemed a straightforward procedure with a very near 100% success rate. My doctor had not heard of the treatment but referred me, and within a week I was talking to Mr Hindley and finalising the date of treatment the following week. Quick work everybody!

Name: Mr L, Hampshire

I first experienced incontinence about 5/6 years ago. I was going to the loo more and more urgently. I saw my GP who diagnosed urge incontinence and prescribed Tamsulosin. Although this drug helped, it wasn’t a significant improvement.

In August/September of 2017, I read an article in the medical page of The Daily Mail which referred o a experimental procedures called Rezum which was of particular interest because the consultant was local to my hospital here in Basingstoke. I had done some research on various procedures which might have helped such as TURP and plastic embolisation. However, being 81, I was a bit reluctant to go under the knife.

I contacted my GP and discussed the Rezum procedure and she referred me to Richard Hindley. I saw Richard at Hampshire Hospital NHS Trust and he agreed to take me on as a Rezum candidate. I had the procedure carried out at BMI The Hampshire Clinic in December.